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EXFOLIATE!!! Exfoliation is very important in maintaining the health of our skin. Take a look at the face of any middle aged or older male who shaves regularly and compare the skin below his eyes to the skin above his eyes and you will notice quite a difference. The skin that is shaved is inadvertently being exfoliated, which is to say being stripped of dead skin cells which promotes regeneration of skin. When I realized this a little later than I would have liked I figured that I had 2 options, to use Rogaine on my forehead to grow hair and then shave it, or the better option which was to create the most effective and safe exfoliator that I could come up with. Here's why it works better than anything I've ever used. First, the cranberry seed is so soft to the touch that it is the consistency of flour. It activates in the water soluble anti-oxidant solution to become coarse enough to exfoliate without doing damage to your skin. Exfoliators are often too aggressive and while they do deliver a polished look to the naked eye under magnification the skin has been damaged. And they are almost always cream based with a detergent incorporated into the base so that when water is applied they suds up to allow for removal. The problem is that after exfoliation dead skin cells have been removed which exposes healthy skin, and at that moment the healthy skin has been exposed to detergent which dehydrates it. It made no sense to me which is why our solution has water soluble characteristics that allows it to penetrate, and whatever doesn't washes off with plain water leaving no residue. And then we use Save Your Skin to add more unadulterated hydration. Just remember this when it comes to skin. It's very difficult to gain access to hydration if there is an abundance of dry skin covering healthy skin which is why many find themselves using very filmy moisturizers. If you remove the dry skin first hydration is much easier. We hope you all have a great and early spring. Michael & Charlene